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We all can play a part in combating smog. Since one of the major causes of smog is emissions from vehicles, you can do your part by ensuring you’re driving clean.
Read on for some helpful hints on driving clean.
Is your vehicle in tune? A poorly maintained vehicle consumes up to 40% more fuel and emits many more pollutants than one that runs properly.
Regular maintenance is important. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule to help maximize your vehicle’s fuel economy, dependability and lifespan.
Don’t let your engine idle. Excessive idling pollutes our air, wastes fuel and can lead to increased maintenance and repairs. Turn off the engine whenever you can.
Keep your tires properly inflated. Properly inflated tires improve fuel performance.
Drive wisely. Obeying posted speed limits and avoiding sudden starts and stops will help maximize your fuel mileage.
Light is right. The heavier the car, the more fuel it burns. Avoid carrying unnecessary weight.
Plan your trips. Save money by planning activities and combining errands to reduce the number of times you start your vehicle.
Share the ride. Carpooling or ride sharing reduces the number of vehicles on the road.
Be aerodynamic. Reducing wind resistance on the highway cuts fuel consumption. Try rolling up the windows and opening the vents.
Heed the warning. If the “Check Engine” light on your dashboard is flashing or stays lit, your car may need servicing to prevent excessive emissions and avoid damaging the engine or emissions system.
Driving clean is a smart and economical choice.
Making smart choices about how we drive our vehicles, especially during periods of high smog levels, can make a big difference to the air we breathe. Please share this information with your friends and neighbours.
How Drive Clean Works:
Emissions testing now begins with five year old vehicles. The exemption for 20 year old light duty vehicles is ending for 1988 and new model year vehicles. Light duty vehicles include cars, pick-up trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles. Your initial Drive Clean test will cost $35.00 + GST. You can have your vehicle re-tested twice at a cost of $17.50 + GST for each re-test. The re-tests, however, must be performed at the Drive Clean Facility where the initial test was conducted.
Bill’s Automotive is also a heavy duty gas test and repair facility. The price for a heavy duty gas test is $75.00 + GST. Commercial vehicles are to be tested every year, personal heavy duty gas vehicles such as motorhomes are required to be tested every 2 years.
If a vehicle fails the emission test, emission failure diagnostics to repair is $125.00 + GST. The creation, use or distribution of fraudulent Drive Clean passes is now an offence under the Environmental Protection Act.
Additional changes to Drive Clean are also being considered to help ensure the program continues to protect our health and environment. For more information, contact the Drive Clean Call Centre at 1-888-758-2999 or visit their website at
Drive Clean encourages vehicle owners to maintain and repair their vehicles to reduce smog-causing emissions. A well-maintained vehicle not only benefits our environment, but uses less gas and operates more efficiently.
The Repair Cost Limit (RCL), however, recognizes that there are some owners who cannot afford to fully repair or replace vehicles that do not meet emissions standards. The RCL allows owners of light-duty vehicles that do not meet emissions standards to obtain a Conditional Pass. They may renew their registrations without having their vehicles fully repaired by the time of the renewal. The RCL also ensures that at least some repairs are made to reduce emissions from those vehicles.
The RCL puts a maximum of $450 on what you must spend on emissions-related repairs at a Drive Clean Facility to qualify for the Conditional Pass. You may obtain a Conditional Pass every two years at registration renewal, but you will first have to qualify for the RCL each time. As an important consumer protection measure, the Conditional Pass can not be used to license a resale vehicle for the road.
How Does the Repair Cost Limit work?
First you must find out exactly what repairs need to be done after your vehicle fails an emissions test. Have a full Drive Clean diagnostic at an accredited Drive Clean repair or test facility to help pinpoint the emissions problem and obtain a cost estimate for recommended repairs. The cost of the diagnostic will count towards the RCL.
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