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Why Should You Perform Air Conditioning Service?

Your air conditioning should be checked for proper operation and Freon charge at least once a year. Freon is very hard to contain within an automotive system. The reason is your air conditioning compressor operates at a variety of speeds depending upon the engine’s RPM. The rest of the system is comprised of many dissimilar materials that expand and contract at different rates and, along with the movement of the engine, these factors allow a minute amount of Freon to escape. 
This minimal escape is normal but results in the need for periodic inspections to identify a potential low charge level. You’re probably asking yourself, “Does that mean I have a leak?”. The answer is “probably not” at least probably not a significant leak. 
Checking the amount of Freon in the system is very important because the Freon in the A/C system carries the refrigerant oil through the system to lubricate moving parts and seals. Insufficient Freon can damage the compressor, expansion valve and seals resulting in expensive repairs. 
You might also think “I don’t use my air conditioning in the winter”, but you actually do. Every time the defroster is turned on your air conditioning compressor engages to dry the air before directing it to the windshield. Waiting until you need your air conditioning for cooling during the warm weather to discover that your system is low on Freon may mean you’ve waited too long to avoid unnecessary damage. 
At Bill’s Automotive, we are trained and licensed, and we have the proper equipment, to provide the proper handling of both R12 and R134A refrigerants along with some of the most sophisticated leak detection equipment available. 
Our Air Conditioning Service Package includes the following procedures. We will clean the condenser fins as required, inspect and adjust the A/C compressor drive belt, do an A/C performance test for proper operation, inspect all visible A/C components for leaks using the most sophisticated leak detection equipment available and we’ll test the antifreeze for proper mixture. Due to the constantly changing price of the R12 and R134A refrigerants, the cost of any refrigerant that is required will be in addition to our quoted price. 
This service will help you continue to enjoy the same level of air conditioning comfort and reliability you have come to know and depend upon. If you have any questions regarding the recommended service, feel free to call and ask for Craig or Bill and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you. 
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