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Why Should I Rotate My Wheels and Tires?

Tire rotation can be beneficial in several ways.  When done at the recommended times, it can preserve balanced handling and traction and even out tire wear.  It can even provide performance advantages. 
When should tires be rotated?
We recommend that high performance tires be rotated every 3,000-5,000 miles, even if they don't show signs of wear.  Tire rotation can often be done with oil change intervals while the vehicle is off the ground anyway.  Remember, tire rotation can't correct wear problems due to worn mechanical parts or incorrect inflation pressures.  It's also important to check your owner's manual for specific details on what method of tire rotation the vehicle's manufacturer recommends.
While every vehicle is equipped with four tires, usually the tires on the front need to accomplish very different tasks than the rear tires.  The tasks encountered on a front wheel drive car are considerably different than those of a rear wheel drive car.
While no one likes their tires to wear out, it is actually an advantage when all of the tires on a vehicle wear out at the same rate throughout their life.  Since tire rotation will help all vehicle's tires wear at the same rate, it will keep the tires performing equally on all four corners.
When your tires wear out together you can get a new set of tires without being forced to buy pairs.  If you replace tires in sets of four you will maintain the original handling balance.
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